Customer Support

Office Hour Support

Support is provided during the company’s standard working hours, typically 10 AM to 5 PM, Sunday to Friday except holiday.


Cost-Effective: Lower operational costs as fewer staff are needed outside regular working hours.

Easier Management: Easier to manage and monitor staff performance during regular office hours.

Work-Life Balance: Better for employee satisfaction and retention, as it aligns with traditional work schedules.


Limited Availability: Customers outside these hours must wait for assistance, potentially leading to frustration.

Best Practices

Clearly Communicate Hours: Ensure customers are aware of the support hours through your website, automated email responses, and other communication channels.

Efficient During Hours: Maximize efficiency and resolution rates during available hours.

24x7 Customer Support

Support is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, covering all zones.

Round-the-Clock Service:

Immediate assistance regardless of time or location, enhancing customer satisfaction.

Global Reach: Better for businesses with international customers or those that provide critical services needing constant support.

Competitive Advantage: Differentiates the business from competitors that may not offer 24x7 support.


Higher Costs: Increased operational costs due to staffing for all hours, including night shifts, weekends, and holidays.

Complex Management: Managing a larger support team around the clock requires robust systems and processes.

Employee Well-being: Ensuring employee satisfaction and well-being with non-standard working hours can be challenging.

Best Practices:

Shift Scheduling: Use rotating shifts to distribute workload evenly and avoid burnout.

Consistent Training: Ensure all staff are equally trained and capable of handling issues regardless of the time they occur.

Robust Systems: Implement reliable CRM and ticketing systems to track issues and resolutions efficiently across shifts.